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Enjoy the raw honey, the quality of which meets international standards

I am confident that honey is one of the most wonderful products that the nature gave to the humanity. The world is filled with highly processed products with artificial additives that add color, flavor or extend shelf life. But it was clear to me from the very beginning that my goal was to retain pure honey and provide people from different countries with an opportunity to appreciate all its variety. It would be impossible without our careful handling of honey that allows us to keep an excellent aroma, flavor and color.

Vyacheslav Svinarenko 

Director of Slavny Myod (“Lovely Honey”)

Honey Variety Range

Lovely Honey

Rare varieties valuable in their beneficial qualities or especially delightful in flavor or scent.

Honey Blossom

Classic honey, most popular varieties, the rich flavor and beneficial properties of which are well-known to everyone.


High-quality raw honey, the flavor and scent of which bring us our childhood memories.

Why is Russian honey in such a high demand?

Our country is vast territories with various flora. You will be amazed at what a great number of honey varieties there are. They are all unique in their composition, medicinal properties and effect on human body.

In Russia, honey has been considered an integral part of a healthy lifestyle culture for many centuries. For our beekeepers, honey is not business, but rather a true purpose that is transferred from one generation to the next.

We have earned the trust of customers in Russia and abroad

Today, our company is one of the top companies exporting honey to Southeast Asia and has a good business reputation among business partners.

Open production

You can see for yourself the conditions our products are produced at. We would be glad to show you the production site.

Governmental support

Slavny Myod underwent thorough inspections of state authorities, proved the quality of its products and received assistance of the Primorsky Region Export Center.

Participants of international exhibits

Slavny Myod is a regular participant in international exhibits, in particular our stands were installed at SIAL 2018 – 2019, CIIE 2018 – 2019.


We export honey to Southeast Asia and USA

The main area of business of Slavny Myod is export of honey. Our company is in the register of official honey exporters. We supply Slavny Myod products to Southeast Asia and USA.

Tasty honeyin a beautiful packaging

We are sure that a high-quality presentation can only emphasize the product’s flavor. This is why the packaging for Slavny Myod was designed very thoroughly. We thought through every detail.

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