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Our fundamental point is to bring honey to the world and to our consumers as one of the most wonderful and healthy products given by the nature to a human being, keeping it unprocessed during the production. Exposing honey to high temperatures during the production contradicts to our understanding of high-quality honey production. 

We care about product safety

Ecological cleanness of honey harvest places

We pay special attention to places of installation of our honey farms, gather information about environmental conditions in different regions. There should be no production sites contaminating the environment and areas treated with hazardous chemicals near places of honey harvest.

Bee master's production technology

The extraction of ready honey is carried from fully capped honeycombs, which is one of essential indicators of complete ripening of honey and a guarantee that the honey contains beneficial ferments and amino acids.

Contamination-free process at all stage

Scrupulous cleanness is maintained in shops where all honey is handled: clean shoes and clothes are used, fresh aprons and hats at all times, the room and tools are processed with germicidal lamps.

Honey harvest

Our bee keepers harvest honey at pure fields and meadows that were never exposed to chemical treatment, nor affected by loud motor roads and industrial plants. For prophylaxis and treatment of bees’ illnesses they use only natural technologies that are safe for the health of insects and for the environment. As a result, you get honey without traces of antibiotics, metabolites, nitrofurans and other unacceptable components.

We cooperate with those, for whom the product quality is number one concern

A bee keeper should make it easier for bee families to access plentiful blooming melliferous plants and precisely determine the moment when honey is fully ripe and ready for extraction.

It requires great efforts and knowledge. Each bee keeper finds themselves facing a choice which methods to use – those making it possible to harvest maximum honey of a lower quality with minimum efforts or those that will allow to collect honey of a perfect quality in spite of using more labor-intensive processes. We only work with bee keepers, who, when making a choice, listen to the voice of conscience.

Our honey is not thermally processed. This means that in the process of production, the honey is heated till the hive temperature of 38°C. This minimal processing technology does not destruct amino acids and ferments in our honey, which allows our honey to have:

Higher percentage of nutrients
Keeps natural honey ferments that help the digestion
Retains amino acids that have a positive effect on our body in general
Natural crystallization that the thermally processed honey cannot have

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