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Why should I choose your honey?
What is the minimum order quantity?
Where do you ship the honey from?
How do you ship honey from Russia?
What currency should I pay in?
What types of honey can be produced by OEM?
Do you offer pure linden honey? What is so special about it?
What are the advantages of testing Slavnyi Med for pollen grains content?
Do you have quality assurance in Russia prior to exporting honey?
Who checks honey to be pure and natural?
Is honey tested for pesticides, antibiotics and heavy metals?
Can honey cure diseases?
When is linden honey harvested?
Can I visit your apiary sites?
What is uncapped honey?
What determines the price of honey?
Does honey have an expiration date?
My honey has become solid (crystallized). Is it good?
How much does natural high-quality honey weigh?
Are all types of honey the same?
Is honey safe for children?
What does ‘raw’ honey mean?
Is your honey pasteurized?
Why is it bad to heat honey?
What is the best way to store honey?
Is it ok to heat up honey in a microwave?
Why does honey have such a variety of colors? White, red, brown and even black.
My honey has crystallized. What should I do?
Will I be able to tell the difference in flavor between different types of honey?
Why are different types of honey priced differently?
Is your honey organic?
Are your bees exposed to agricultural chemicals?
Where are your apiaries located? What is a typical size of the apiary?
What is the difference between your honey and honey bought in a supermarket?
When I add some honey into tea, the tea turns absolutely black.
The honey has separated. Is this an indicator of low-quality honey?
Honey has white spots on the jar surface. What is it?
Honey is too solid, how can I make it runny?

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